Valeur & Capital Company

Valeur et Capital

With its different companies, each specialised in a specific estate domaine, the group Valeur et Capital is in the capacity to elaborate a strategy allowing you to benefit from several expertises and to offer you tailoured solutions.

Valeur et Capital, the open minded cultural heritage !

Who takes the time today to really listen to you and to identify your needs for a solid and sustainable investment.

At Valeur et Capital, it is our mission to accompagny you and to install a unique relationship.

With the trust you place in us and the expertise that we offer, we will be able to fulfill incredible challenges.

To see all to see right

With 30 years of experience in the domaine of wealth mangement, we can propose all existing solutions, as we have no more benefit from one than from another solution. Our only interest is yours. Whis is why we we will define together with you the ideal solution that will fulfill your desires and aspirations.

A better student life

A better student life


témoignages des étudiants

  • Jade, 20 ans, Student in Lyon

    Close to universities

    I was immediately seduced by the Victorian Park residence: the interior garden, the apartments with mezzanine and the great location, close to the universities.

    Jade, 20 ans, Student in Lyon

  • Anita Hadj Ali, Residence Manager

    A secure environment

    Parents are reassured knowing that their children live in a secure and adapted environment.

    Anita Hadj Ali, Residence Manager