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Questions sur le logement étudiant

Renting with Les Belles Années

All the answers to your questions about our apartments.

Can I leave my apartment at any time?

Yes, but you must respect the notice period specified on the lease signed with Pure Gestion Etudiants for a rental in a residence managed by LES BELLES ANNÉES.

I have a 3 months-internship. Can I book a short-term stay in a residence managed by "Les Belles Années"?

Yes. Depending on availability you can rent an apartment in a residence managed by "Les Belles Années" for a short period. To do this, contact Pure Gestion Etudiants directly by phone at 0 969 321 969 or by email at location@lesbellesannees.com

Housing Aids

When should I apply for housing aid?

You can apply for housing aid as soon as you have signed your lease or rental agreement.

What is the procedure for receiving housing aid?

Simply fill out the request form for housing aid, available at your local CAF office, and return your application by post with the following documents:

  • legible photocopy of your national ID card (both sides) or of your passport or of your birth certificate if you have French nationality
  • photocopy of your valid residency permit in other cases 
  • Relevé d’identité bancaire (RIB), (a printout of bank account details from the bank) in your name
  • Document from the lessor PURE GESTION ETUDIANTS showing amount of the rent payable

When will I start to get housing aid?

Your benefits take effect the first day of the month after taking possession of your rental. For example, if you move into your new apartment on 5th September, your benefits begin on 1st October your housing allowance is received the following month, on 5th November.

Which income should be declared to get housing aid?

The tenant’s income should be declared, not the guarantor’s income.

Am I eligible for housing aid if I share a flat?

Yes, in the same way as for an individual rental. The amount of housing aid you receive is based on your share of the rent for the apartment.

Insurance and charges

Is it compulsory to get an insurance for the apartment?

Yes. Housing insurance must be registered before moving into your apartment. An insurance certificate must be provided during the apartment inspection and a copy must be sent by post or by email to Les Belles Années.

My hot water tank no longer works, a convector is out of order, a tap is leaking, what should I do?

If you have any problems, get in touch with the manager of your residence.

A better student life

A better student life


témoignages des étudiants

  • Julien, Student in Lyon

    New friendship

    When I came to Lyon, I did not know anybody, and "Les Belles Années" residences seemed like a very friendly place to live.

    Julien, Student in Lyon

  • Anita Hadj Ali, Residence Manager

    A secure environment

    Parents are reassured knowing that their children live in a secure and adapted environment.

    Anita Hadj Ali, Residence Manager