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banque et finances pour les étudiants

Amount of rent allowance

The amount of the rent allowance is based on the tenant’s taxable income. Grants (on social criteria or from Erasmus) are not taxable.
If you have not had any income, or very little, your rent allowance will be calculated on the basis of a fixed-rate income which can vary according to your personal circumstances.

Student loans

Student loans are made to students to help finance their studies.  These loans become repayable at the end of a student’s studies.
To be eligible for a student loan you must be:

  • less than 28 years of age
  • of French nationality or from a country which is a member of the European Economic Area (with residency conditions in France)
  • enrolled in an institution to obtain a higher education diploma or prepare for a competitive exam

A student loan can reach a maximum of 15,000 € depending on the bank, the nature of the application and the solvency of the guarantors. The length of the loan can vary from 2 to 10 years. Interest rates are low and vary according to the student’s course of studies.
The website service-public.fr provides full information on student loans (link to https://www.service-public.fr/particuliers/vosdroits/F986)

Loans on trust

These are loans granted by CROUS (a regional organisation providing student aid) to students without scholarships. The loans are interest-free and repayable at the end of the student’s course of studies.
To be eligible for a loan on trust you must be enrolled in a course at an institution dependent on the Ministère de la Jeunesse, de l’Education Nationale et de la recherche and apply to your nearest CROUS.
The website www.caf.fr will provide information on financial aid for housing.

A better student life

A better student life


témoignages des étudiants

  • Julien, Student in Lyon

    New friendship

    When I came to Lyon, I did not know anybody, and "Les Belles Années" residences seemed like a very friendly place to live.

    Julien, Student in Lyon

  • Anita Hadj Ali, Residence Manager

    A secure environment

    Parents are reassured knowing that their children live in a secure and adapted environment.

    Anita Hadj Ali, Residence Manager