My student life in Bordeaux

Close to the ocean

Bordeaux, the sixth biggest city of France is a proud, dynamic city, embracing progress and new technologies. It is no wonder that it has been the French second favorite city for more than 15 years.
Situated close to the Atlantic Ocean, Bordeaux offers its inhabitants and students a very pleasant living environment: parks and sports fields for the sporty ones but also bars, nightclubs and concert halls for a vibrant nightlife that students love.
Bordeaux is only 2 hours from Paris thanks to the TGV (high-speed train) and an hour's flight from Lyon.
Public transportation infrastructures in the city are excellent as well with several tram lines, 70 bus lines (some of which are dedicated to university campuses) and numerous bike share stations.
Already 90 000 students chose Bordeaux. They study in one of 4 Bordeaux universities, 12 engineering schools, 9 business schools, 2 art schools or 1 school of political sciences. [Baggage_alt] Online booking

A better student life

A better student life


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